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The Law Office of David Demers is a criminal defense law practice in Charlotte, North Carolina. Whether you're facing a DWI, traffic, misdemeanor, or felony charge, we can help. Our goal is to provide client-focused services, combining practical and aggressive strategies to get you the best possible outcome. Call David Demers today at (704) 334-3395 for a free consultation.

Do you have a DWI, traffic, or other criminal charge in Mecklenburg or a surrounding county? If so, call David Demers at (704) 334-3395 for a free consultation!

David Demers devotes himself completely to his clients' individual needs. He handles legal matters by aggressively defending his clients' rights, thinking outside the box, and finding practical solutions for his clients.

He has worked with clients on criminal cases in state court, as well as federal court in the Western District of North Carolina.

He handles cases dealing with DUI, bank fraud, bribery, conspiracy, larceny, drug cases, and other criminal matters.